ButterUp Balm Lip Therapy SUBSCRIPTION

$5.00 / month

Tired of chapped, dry lips? Try our unique recipe of CBD chapstick that we guarantee will replace whatever you’re currently using!
It can soothe, protect and regenerate the worst of conditions.

Soothes  –  Protects – Regenerates

Soothes  -  Protects - Regenerates

We are specially formulated this product to fight against cold sores, chapped lips, and even with fine lines from smoking or aging! It soothes your lips by protecting from harsh weather and regenerates your lips leaving them moisturized and protected. This chapstick is something you will never leave home without!

10mg of CBD per tube

​Ingredients: CBD Extract (cannabinoids) + Coconut Oil + Cocoa Butter + Beeswax + Vitamin E + Jojoba Oil + Bergamot


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